Suxin Huo Luo Dan (10bottlesx 5gm) $38.00

Suxin Huo Luo Dan (10bottlesx 5gm) $38.00


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This product consists of natural herbs ,formulated according to ancient prescription in stringent condition. lt uses include medical treatment or to maintain musculoskeletal health.

Function and indication:

Promotes blood circulation, nourishes the liver and invigorates the kidney, expels wind -evil and removes wetness-evil,relieves pain in muscle tension and bone, numbness in limbs and weakness of legs and knees.


To be taken twice per day, one in the morning and one at night. Each time 5g for mainte- nance, it is recommended to take once to twice per week, do not take cold drinks and avoid stay- ing in air-conditioned room.


Not to be taken by pregnant women , no known side effects